Some useful information for users:

  • Download the binary installable distribution, which runs in Windows XP and Windows Vista. It comes with all required dependencies so you should not have any problem to run it on your computer. Check the downloads section in the sourceforge site. The binary distribution for The Zombie Engine comes with three applications Conjurer, Renaissance and the 3D Studio MAX plugins.
  • Would you like to help or contribute ? You’re very welcomed, contact through the mailing list [email protected] if you have more questions. Any time of contribution is welcomed, including developing new modules, fixing bugs and writing documentation.
  • Have a patch to add a feature, enhance something or fix a bug. Please, use the tracker to post it and we will take a look as soon as possible. Follow the Open Source Nebula guidelines about patch submitting.
  • Have you found a bug ? Please report it to our bug tracker system.
  • We are in the process of releasing some user manual for Conjurer and the 3DS MAX plugins.
  • Check the Contact page for more ways to contact the developers and maintainers.

After all these were settled down, development moved on to create the first playable prototype, that would include and expose for edition all of high-level game features expected from a modern engine, including agent behavior, game actions, combat, and other such types of interactive features. Also at this point data replication was supported for all network-relevant entities and properties, for multiplayer gameplay. Several optimizations were being added to the graphics and culling systems, and other relevant modules such as sound and game GUI.

By September 2006 the first playable, feature-complete prototype showing the possibilities of the Zombie Engine was completed. It allowed loading and playing in a multiplayer session through a whole level, allowing continuous gameplay through detailed interiors as well as open exteriors, combat and weapon system, enemy AI, etc. at interactive frame rates.

Development of the Zombie Engine stopped in early 2007, having been used to release a successful playable demo which showed how complete and powerful it was. A year later, Tragnarion Studios was proud to announce the release of their stable code base for the Zombie Engine as open source, under a […] license, which will allow developers worldwide to use it for their own project, both amateur and professional.