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Mobile App Development

The constantly growing popularity of mobile games allowed turning them from simple entertainment into a powerful advertising campaign. Competently developed game program is an unobtrusive advertising with the possibility to achieve high results with the minimum waste of time. Programming of games, mobile game ui ux is a rather laborious process, requiring a professional and creative approach!

The process of developing a game application is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of the company. The reflection of the distinctive features of the company in the application plays the role of hidden advertising, remaining in the subconscious of the user. Thanks to which the development of games for android or ios is the best mechanism to increase brand recognition. Interesting design of the interface in combination with a fascinating gameplay application allows you to attract as many users as possible. The original game mechanics contributes to the “retention” of users and a steadily growing income.

You can get a full range of services on development and promotion of mobile games – from concept creation to placement on the trading floors. Modern companies offer the creation of Android games of different genres to achieve the most advantageous demonstration of goods or services of the company. AR and VR-games with virtual reality allow to influence the consumer on an emotional level. Professional programmers and game developers will make your project successful. Game development for iPhone and iPad is carried out with application of advanced technologies providing maximum functionality and ease of use.

How much does it cost to develop games?

The cost of the service directly depends on the complexity of the project:

  1. of a certain genre;
  2. functional capabilities;
  3. technological features;
  4. degree of user interaction.

Mobile games: features of development

  • Market research and analysis. Research of target audience and competitive offers is carried out to determine optimal solutions.
  • Construction of the terms of reference. Development of the concept of game creation, discussion of the mechanics of the game and selection of the appropriate platform (Android or iOS). After drawing up the TOR, it is possible to determine the final cost of the work.
  • Programming of games. Writing the program code, implementation of game graphics (interface and animation) with the possibility of introducing 2D or 3D content.
  • Sound scheme development. Music, work with a voice and other sound effects to achieve maximum enjoyment.
  • Testing of the finished product. Ability to detect and correct minor faults or incorrect operation of certain systems.
  • Publication. Ready mobile games are placed on the appropriate Internet resources Google Play or App Store. The product becomes available to users.

Why is it cool to develop mobile games

You can get original ideas that are designed to make business successful in all directions. The development of mobile games is carried out by experienced specialists using the best technologies. You can get 2d effects unity and other ready-made solutions, which are already functioning and bring profit to their owners. The specialized team implements projects of any complexity in the shortest possible time on the most favorable conditions. You can discuss the details with your manager.

If you have thought about developing the game itself, it is worth paying attention to finding a company that can solve this problem for you. So you will have everything you need so that you can count on the most optimal result.

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