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Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction and uncontrollable passion for gambling is born unnoticed. A person, even who has never been fond of gambling, but tried, for example, to spend an evening as a simple entertainment at the slot machine sees in it some interest, perhaps even the style and imitation of someone. He likes the way the buttons flicker, the symbols are matched, giving out winnings and bonus rounds. Having played once, then suddenly decides to experience the sensations again, to try other games and again turns to the resource. By the way, first he should find this resource, so as not to give their money to cheaters. You can find out more about betway canada casino and other casinos at Now let’s get back to what is behind gambling addiction.

What is addiction?

At the beginning of the game, the player invest some small amount, not affecting the budget. It can go on like this – small bets for fun, everything is under control. But, unfortunately, sometimes the opposite happens. A person wants to see the symbols make top combinations again, to hear the sounds of winning and the ringing of coins, to get a suddenly large sum of money. To do this, he makes one deposit, then invests more money. Winnings begin to seem insufficient. One wants more, because the games continually remind him of his potential. Catch a glade of scatters or wilds, it seems, is not so difficult. Dreams and dreams of huge winnings appear. 

It would seem that some lights, flickering colors and sounds can make a reasonable person to do stupid things and thoughtlessly lose in the evening the money that was earned over a long period of time. In fact, this is really how it works. There are ancient structures in our brain, which cause primeval instincts and through them you can, if not to force unconditionally, but to win the attention of man, and then it depends on him – can he control his actions or give in to sweet dreams and hoping for good luck to rush into a whirlpool of excitement. 

An addicted person finds it difficult to think about something else and cannot concentrate on the typical routine matters and obligations. We’re not talking about work or any other activities anymore. So gambling derails one’s career, family well-being, destroys one’s financial condition, and brutally pisses one off. The reason for the spread of gambling addiction nowadays is the absence of any deterrent barriers. It used to be that the authorities could actually influence the organization of gambling sites through laws. The lack of easy access to gambling clubs reduced the number of people who wanted to spend their leisure time gambling. Some found underground clubs, went there at their own risk, but for the majority such restrictions were still a deterrent and a reason to look for other ways to have fun. Now you can get access to online casinos even in the country where gambling is prohibited.

The hope to win a few thousand dollars at a time, playing for 10-20 cents a spin, also tempts to play. And what to say about multimillion dollar jackpots? The desire to possess them can become a fix idea. A player tends to believe that if he borrows money, sells his car and apartment, and plays big, it will guarantee him the chances of winning the jackpot. In fact, this is self-deception and those who get into debt and loans, sell something to channel the proceeds into the game, are making a huge mistake. Chances of winning x500 of a bet is already very small, and the big winnings are really a happy accident and indulgence of Lady Fortune.

In addition, there are a lot of scammers on the net, who seek to take the player’s money and pay him nothing in return. So you should first carefully study canadian online casino reviews here

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