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Get Free Backlinks With VoltRank Free Link Exchange Network As I have just published a few new sites for some marketing tests, I am finding myself back in the SEO jungle. I can see the basics are the same (and why wouldn’t they be), but also stumbled upon a few new tools. One of these new SEO tools is called «VoltRank»
An original and innovative link exchange service that facilitates SEO visibility of your company, by one-way links on the massive number of VoltRank participating sites without charge. VoltRank offers automatic link building services, the development accelerates.

Since Volt Rank offers link quality and quantity, there are an infinite number of inbound links. To provide an indication to search engines that the links are not artificial, you can tailor the anchor text. Manage the daily and monthly limits link development and sets the campaign if necessary. The type of advertising can be customized according to the link diversity. Two unequal link alternatives provided by Volt Rank. First, the link of the text that appears with the contents of the site, and secondly, the text ads in conjunction with the site.
Guaranteed Quality One-Way Links
We know that not all links are created equal. Obtaining one-way links from websites with high PageRank is often cited as the «Holy Grail» of linkbuilding. In order to deliver the best value back to you, we only work with quality websites that have been indexed by Google. Because quality is important to us, we review all sites submited to our system. Any sites that we feel could be potentially damaging or of little value to our clients are rejected.
What is great is this service is completely free. I didn’t even see any paid options. On top of this they have easy installation, like wordpress plugins and so on.

The service is quite new, so you might want to get a head start and get some referrals (Yes, a simple referral system to get you even more links to any websites you of your choice).
Text Links or Text Ads The Choice is Yours
VoltRank understands that link diversity is an important aspect of any linkbuilding campaign. VoltRank helps you diversify by offering you two different link options. Option one, a text link that appears within the content portion of a website. Option two, text ads which are text-based advertisements linking back to your website. Text ads can help you create a local context, making your ad more relevant on non topically related websites.
Unlimited Links & Customized Anchor Texts
Quality links are necessary for a site to gain high rankings within the search engines, but quantity is also important. We do not limit the amount of links you can obtain from using our services. We also understand that variety in the anchor text of your inbound links is a signal that those links are natural therefore, we offer the ability to customize the anchor text used and allow you to set priorities for the ads most important to you as a higher priority results in more publications.
Enjoy Automated Natural Link Growth

VoltRank takes the burden of linkbuilding off of you by automating the process. We also understand the importance of link growth appearing natural in the eyes of search engines; we don’t leave any footprints behind. We also give you the ability to control daily and monthly growth limits as well as the ability to put your campaign on pause once you’ve reached your global limit.
User-friendly Interface Data at Your Fingertips
Everything you need to know about your campaign is captured in one place. Organizing, sorting and filtering abilities make ad management easy. Preview ads instanty, adjust position, ad count and color with a few mouse clicks. Ad updates are never applied or pushed live until you give your approval.
Affordable because it’s FREE
That’s right, you don’t pay a single cent. Our tool is absolutely free and will remain free. That’s our guarantee. In exchange for providing an awesome time saving linkbuilding tool, we ask that you allow us to sprinkle in a few sponsorships links. Here’s an example. Say you decide to display 10 links and one of them might be ours. It’s as simple as that and nothing is required on your side. Not a bad deal when you think about all the time you’ve been saving on manual linkbuilding.
Sponsorship Link Placement You’re in Control
We understand that you may not necessarily want to include our sponsorship links on the page you want to promote and that’s no problem. We give you total control in choosing what pages our sponsorship links will be displayed on. Our sponsorship links are never offensive and will not be disruptive to your visitors.
Set-Up in 4 Easy Steps
Installation is simple and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Copy our files to your account
Set file permissions
Paste code snippet into your site (no footprints visible to search engines)
Configure how ads should be displayed
Program Participation Requirements
Getting started is easy, all you need is a PHP 5 powered website and a home page that has been indexed by Google.
Built by SEO’s for SEO’s
That’s right. VoltRank founders have been in the SEO business for almost 10 years. VoltRank Link Exchange was developed with you in mind. Our goal was to save you time, money and frustration by automating the linkbuilding process, allowing you to focus your efforts on other tactics. We know its an effective solution because we use it too!
What are the requirements for a website to join VoltRank network?
Minimum requirements:
Your website server must support PHP. Your website might be using HTML code but your web host will need to have PHP set up on their server as VoltRank uses PHP scripts.

The website must be indexed in Google Cache.
We do not accept porn, warez, gambling and pharmacy content.
Our moderators might reject websites that have:
unoriginal content
little content on the subpages
a lot of outgoing links – link farms
How does VoltRank work?
VoltRank is based on exchange of ads on our members’ websites. You share advertising space on your website and publish your ads on other websites. This helps to increase Google rankings of both parties.
What do I get points for?
The amount of Volts you get depends on the quality of your website and the number of subpages that you share with VoltRank. The higher the PageRank your pages have the more Volts you get. The points you receive are used to publish your ads on other websites. Your ads will be published permanently. If someone takes the page off or it is rejected by our moderator, you get the Volts back and can use them again on other sites.
Please take note that you do not get any Volts for pages that are not indexed in Google Cache. For any page you can query Google by typing «info: URL» and check if it knows the page and has it in its cache.
Also, if your pages are to be disclosed to VoltRank, someone or something needs to visit them after you install VoltRank script on your website. If you’re not in a hurry just wait for Google to index those pages, but you can also crawl them yourself by using

Why should I choose VoltRank over other similar services?
We are growing fast and are highly motivated. We have decided that our company culture is going to be user-centered which is not common in this industry. We actively listen to users, collect feedback and lay out the roadmap according to their needs. We are constantly developing many new features. Some of them are at the very core of the system and others mean that our members will have the highest user experience possible. Quality is what we always have in mind.
Each website and ad that our members add to VoltRank is checked by a human moderator. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards adult, gambling, pharmacy and warez websites. All the other websites are also individually approved only after we make sure their content is not obscene or offensive.
All websites and each one of their subpages are checked in Google. We explicitly check if they are present in Google Cache and not just being indexed by Google.
In the future we are going to offer Premium Accounts that will give our power users more features and greater flexibility.
How long do I have to wait for results?
Building your website’s PageRank is a long-term process and depends on many factors: what keywords you are positioning on, how big the competition for those keywords is, how quickly Google counts links to your website etc. Results are not instantaneous and they should not be. In fact, growing links too quickly may do more harm than good. That is why we recommend setting daily and monthly limits. The whole process should be continuous but balanced. If you are patient and work on gaining new links to your website, you should see the results in a few months.

What should I do first?
For your links to get published, first add your website to VoltRank and share advertising space which we’ll use to publish other people’s links. Then prepare some ads that will be published on high quality sites within the VoltRank network. You get points for sharing slots on your website and the system uses those points to distribute your links.

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