Nebula Device Derived Modules

Derived Modules

These are modules developed for the Zombie Engine but derived from existing modules in the nebula2 distribution, to which therefore we owe credit.

  • Spatial database
  • Support for Octree and Quadtree outdoor spaces
  • Support for Indoor spaces, Cells and Portals
  • Space persistence and loading
  • Occlusion Culling
  • Horizon Culling
  • Spatial Queries
  • Frustum Visibilty traversal, Plane Clipping
  • Light and shadow visibility traversal
  • Dynamic light regions and environments
  • Scene
  • Revised and optimized scene rendering system
  • optimized scene graph traversal and rendering
  • new types of geometry nodes and animators
  • batched and instanced rendering
  • Animation
  • Decoupled skeleton description from scene
  • Shared skeleton definition
  • Direct joint controllers
  • Rag-doll animators
  • Application
  • Extended application and state interfaces
  • Viewport system with support for multiple views