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To this group belong the modules, classes and scripts that build up the editor framework, including the Conjurer and Summoner tools. Conjurer itself is built on top of the nebula2 application module, and is divided in two big pieces. One is the conjurer module itself, including the 3D interface for editing entities and terrain, and other important modules such a Debug visualizations and Undo commands.

The other half is Summoner, a MDI-style application built in Python using the wxPython libraries for gui creation, that is fully integrated with the Conjurer module, for which it provides the toolbars, dialogs and inspectors required for editing operation. Summoner includes such powerful features as interactive log window, script edition and execution, class and entity browsing, and the ability to inspect, edit and save the game library and entities.

Working together, Conjurer and Summoner are the main entry point for game designers, artists and programmers alike, to build maps, define behaviors and manage the game database as stored in a shared repository (see Working Copy).

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