Nebula Device News Why does an erection drop during sex?

Why does an erection drop during sex?

If this happens, then most likely the cause is hidden in the head. This is the so-called psychological impotence. Physiology is rarely to blame here – if the body is able to get an erection, then most likely it is also able to have a long intercourse. Although there are exceptions. First check if the information below applies to you and only then buy drugs at

Causes of a dropping erection

The most common cause of a dropping erection is the so-called “anxious sexual failure syndrome” or simply ASFES. This is a very common phenomenon. Its main symptom is excitement before or during sex. The situation is complicated by the fact that the excitement can be unconscious, you just do not notice (or do not want to notice) it. ASFES does not just settle in your head, it appears because of a failure in the past, an article read on the Internet, or even after someone else’s story. At the crucial moment, you begin to think about the process, doubting yourself and getting wound up – all this takes on more weight than arousal, and sex again does not work.

To beat ASFES, you have to gain confidence in yourself – because it’s nothing more than a silly vicious circle. Everything is still fine, but you’re already questioning the existence of the problem. In doing so, you scare yourself and get exactly what you fear. Fear is unfounded – it’s worth fighting it, and the problem will be solved. It’s important that your girlfriend also understands this, and doesn’t make it worse. You need support that will give you confidence.

A man’s erection can go down if:

  • Society or your parents, at the stage of forming your personality, have laid down the wrong attitudes. For example, they told you that sex was bad or dirty;
  • You had a painful failure in the past, inwardly you are afraid of repeating;
  • you don’t really like your partner, and your imagination fails at some point;
  • Or vice versa, a man cannot cum because of an interrupted erection if he likes the girl too much. There is a fear of not being able to satisfy her;
  • you are afraid of specific problems, such as publicity (someone who shouldn’t know about your sex) or venereal disease;
  • During sex, your mind is not on sex, but on a thousand “more important” hard thoughts. You suddenly remember that you forgot to pay the loan or send a report, and that’s it, now your head is occupied only with this.
  • You are embarrassed by the girl’s behavior. 

Sometimes one action, one sex, one minute is enough to create ASFES in a man for the rest of his life. And over time, the situation only gets worse. In a neglected case, men don’t even try to have sex anymore, because they are 100% sure of failure. They have long since forgotten that it is – erectile dysfunction, which appeared almost from nothing. This approach minimizes the chances of a good outcome. 

Interesting characteristic features help to determine that it is exactly ASFES. The syndrome is known for the fact that it can only manifest with one partner and not with others. Masturbation, too, usually does not cause any difficulty. If you still want to reassure yourself before sex, buy special medications at

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