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The Zombie Engine is aimed at the creation of low- and mid-profile action games for independent developers to create their own projects starting from a large and established code base, and also appeals to programmers interested in open-source game development who are willing to extend and improve its feature set and capabilities. The Zombie Engine is released under a BSD-style license, and for more information and downloading you can get it here:“

Project registered at Sourceforge

We are proud to announce the creation of the project for The Zombie Engine at sourceforge site.

The Zombie Engine is an open source engine, game framework and level editing tools for Windows action based games. It was developed by Tragnarion Studios and it is based on the open source Nebula 2 engine developed by Radon Labs. The engine is developed in C++ programming language, but it uses Lua as scripting language. It is released as an open source project under BSD-style license.

We are working now to be able to release an installable distribution with all required dependencies, publish some introductory content in the web page. Hopefully we can do the first public announcement very soon. At the moment you can just download the source code from the SVN repository and start browsing this website.

Stay tuned !