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Аjax Driven Contact Forms

Fabulous Ajax Driven Contact Forms AJAX has changed the world of web development. you may see twitter or facebook and gmail, thery are good examples to show the capability of AJAX. HTML 5, CSS3,
AJAX and jQuery can create a highly responsive web interface and increase the user experience.
Typically, THML5 Ajax contact form are an important part of every website. A contact form is very helpful in giving your visitors a way to contact you. These tutorials will help you on how to create your own ajax contact form with php. Here are 15 ajax contact forms covering everything that you would think of related to form styling with the powerful ajax.
Ajax Contact Form with jQuery and PHP
Contact forms can be useful way for visitors to contact the owner of a site. They’re easy to use, and since they don’t expose the site owner’s email address in the page, they cut down on spam too.
However, contact forms can also be cumbersome, especially as they’re usually on a separate page. The visitor has to visit the contact form page, fill in the details, view yet another response page, and then try to make their way back to the page they were originally reading.

Creating an Ajax Form Tutorial
That’s where AJAX comes in. You do all the validation on the server-side, but return the results back to the user with Javascript and no page refreshes. It’s really the best of both worlds. Plus it degrades good enough if someone has Javascript disabled.

A Fancy AJAX Contact Form
In this tutorial we are going to make an AJAX contact form which leverages modern web development techniques. We are using PHP, CSS and jQuery with the help of the formValidator plugin for form validation and the JQTransform plugin, which will style all the input fields and buttons of the form. In addition we are using the PHPMailer class to send out the contact form emails.

JQuery Validation Contact Form With Modal Slide in Transition
Contact form at the top of this website, as well as the contact link in the footer, or you can go here. I’ve packaged all the files for your easy editing and applying to your own personal needs (please just don’t reuse my images. . . that would be a bit arse-like of you). I did include all of the same styling that I used on this form, to make it easier for me to write this tutorial and just in-case someone wanted to peak into how I pulled off some of the CSS.

AJAX Contact Form With Captcha
This contact form has several advanced features such as Email injection prevention and a more accurate email validator that not only validates the syntax, but also whether the domain exists or not.

Submit A Form Without Page Refresh using jQuery
In this tutorial I’ll show you how easy it is to do just that — submit a contact form that sends an email, without page refresh using jQuery! (The actual email is sent with a php script that processes in the background). Let’s get started.

Create a Ajax based Form Submission with jQuery
In this tutorial, we will learn form submission using jQuery without navigate out from the page. It accepts user input, processes it and sends it to a php file called «process. php». The PHP script will send a notification email to the recipient. Of course, in case browser couldn’t support javascript/XMLHttpRequest, we have a second plan ready, the form will submit the data using the normal form submission.

LightForm – Free Ajax/PHP Contact Form
LightForm is a free Ajax/PHP contact form. It combines FormCheck2 for fields validation and NiceForms to style text fields and textareas.

AJAX Contact form
Here is the updated, much more lightweight, drop-in AJAX contact form. It now uses JQuery, the JQuery Forms Plugin, and the JQuery Validation Plugin instead of Scriptaculous and WForms.

Simple AJAX Forms with JSON Responses
In this tutorial, we will go through the steps to setting up an AJAX form, which will return a JSON response used to display success/error messages. We will be using jQuery and jQuery Form Plugin to make this entire process very quick and painless.

Create an Ajax Contact Form with PHP
Providing a simple contact form could be a big security issue if the form script doesn’t have any validation or security features. In the past it was very common to use simple mail scripts to post a web form to some e-mail address. A lot of the spam getting people in their mail box is send with vulnerable form mail scripts.

Ajax Jquery Contact Form With Validation
I’ve put together a simple AJAX contact form, using the Jquery library (my personal favourite).
What does this all mean? Well, it’s basically a contact form which validates and submits an email without the page refreshing. You can see an example on our contact page.

Super AJAX Contact Form
This is a ajax contact form made with PHP and jQuery. The script already include rules of validations fields and with errors messages. This script allows you to perform SMTP authentications, so do not need a personal SMTP server, you can, for example, use Live or Google (Gmail). This way you can send mail locally too!

Multilingual AJAX Contact Form
the RVContactForm package allows you to easily place single XSLT macro that creates form on any of your Umbraco page templates in your web site. The form is validated at the client AND the server side and you can customize it easily.

jQuery Advanced Form Validation
Form Validator with several features such as grouping required fields or conditional checking if it is valid or not. Also you can validate string, numeric, date or e-mail. And you can combine several validations. For example: required numeric input and minimum 5 chars long.

An Ajax-Based HTML5/CSS3 Contact Form
This tutorial to teach you to build an advanced contact form from scratch based on the pop technology, HTML, CSS3 and Ajax.

HTML5 forms chapter

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