Nebula Device Developers


Some useful information for developers:

  • Download the full source code from SVN repository or Browse SVN source code on the web. The root of the SVN repository is
  • Compile the Conjurer, Renaissance and 3DS plugin project solutions. Instructions on how to do this are in the file zombie/docs/compiling.dox in doxygen format. The document describes also any dependencies needed to compile and run this software.
  • Would you like to help or contribute ? You’re very welcomed, contact through the mailing list [email protected] if you have more questions. Any time of contribution is welcomed, including developing new modules, fixing bugs and writing documentation.
  • Have a patch to add a feature, enhance something or fix a bug. Please, use the tracker to post it and we will take a look as soon as possible. Follow the Open Source Nebula guidelines about patch submitting.
  • To track the commits done to the repository subscribe to the mailing list collecting the svn commit messages. Keep track of the commits done at Nable or Gmane.
  • Access to developer and API documentation. This documentation is not available online yet. Please use doxygen to generate the documentation from the source code yourself. We will hopefully release soon more high level documentation about some modules of the Zombie Engine.
  • Coding guidelines. Basically follow the same guidelines used in the Nebula engine. Read the Nebula 2 Coding guidelines.
  • Check the Contact page for more ways to contact the developers and maintainers.