Nebula Device Changed Modules

Changed Modules

This is a summary of all changes introduced in the Zombie Engine to modules existing in nebula2, both in core nebula2 and contributed modules.

  • Kernel
  • Extended nArg, nEnv types
  • object cycle
  • loading and persistence of dependent objects
  • dynamically extending class with scripting
  • macros for easy scripting of commands ans signals
  • script class server, manages persistence of script code
  • dynamic creation and loading of classes
  • extended build system, generation of xmls schemas, support of libraries for vs71 and vs8
  • Graphics
  • Camera support for vertical field of view
  • Extended mesh interface: geometry transforms
  • Extended shader interface: parameter slots for collected array parameters
  • Extended texture interface: texture copy, rectangle locking
  • Extended ShaderParams: clearing parameters, matrix and vector arguments
  • Mesh optimization
  • DX9 Renderer
  • Implemented extended interfaces for meshes, shaders and textures
  • State manager for D3D9 Effects
  • Input
  • Input recording and playback
  • Audio
  • extended CSound, CStreamingSound classes
  • extended nSound3, nDSound3 interfaces
  • extended nSoundResource, nDSoundResource