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The quality of CS:GO skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a popular computer game from Valve corporation. This shooter is quite difficult, but everyone can play it. The game is free, but it has paid content. It is about skins, that is a cosmetic item for weapons. They do not affect the gameplay in any way and do not give any advantages, except for aesthetic ones. If you want to learn more about the quality of CS:GO skins – detailed guide will help you.

CS:GO skins

In CS:GO skins are presented in a huge range. Every player can easily find a cosmetic item that will perfectly complement his character’s image. And although all gamers have different tastes and preferences, usually skins are divided according to the following criteria:

  • rarity;
  • contraband;
  • StatTrak features;
  • souvenirs;
  • wearability;
  • stickers.

Some players do not pay attention to cosmetics at all. However, the vast majority prefer to decorate weapons with csgo new case to impress opponents and allies.

How to get new skins in CS:GO

If you want to be on trend and stand out among the other players, you need to know how to get new skins in CS:GO. The easiest way to do this is to buy in a store or on the Steam marketplace. You will be able to choose the item that will perfectly complement your weapon. However, you don’t have to pay real money for the skins, you can get them for free. Usually at the end of each match there is a drop, i.e. players get random items. But in this case you can get anything you want.

Rarity of CS:GO skins

Things in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are rare. Some things are dropped more often and cost less, and some things are not so easy to get, which forms the high cost. The rarity of CS:GO skins is as follows:

  • white – found most often;
  • light blue – industrial quality;
  • dark blue – army quality;
  • purple – banned;
  • pink-purple – classified;
  • red – secret;
  • unusually rare.

Of course, all players strive to get super rare items, but they are almost never found in the usual drop. If you want to be the owner of exclusive skins, prepare money for the trading floor. 


The value of items in CS is also affected by special effects, such as StatTrak counters. They keep statistics on kills. Notably, other players will not be able to use your counter. If they pick up your weapon with StatTrak and kill someone, there will be an error on the digital display, meaning this kill will not be included in the stats. Also, the counter ignores kills by bots; only frags on heroes played by real people are counted. Things from StatTrak cannot be dropped, they can only be bought.

CS:GO skins wear levels

Items in CS differ in appearance, particularly in wear and tear. Some look brand new, and some look like they’ve been in combat already. There are the following levels of wear skins CS:GO:

  • Factory New;
  • Minimal Wear;
  • Field-Tested;
  • Well-Worn;
  • Battle-Scarred.

It is worth noting that the weapon has this appearance at all times. That is, a Factory New item will not look like a Field-Tested item after a while. What to choose, you decide. Some people like shiny and bright weapons, and some prefer to fight with Battle-Scarred guns. You can find and buy the best skins on special csgo upgrade sites.


To get the stickers, you will first need to get a capsule with them. This capsule can be opened only with a key worth $1. Stickers can be attached to any weapon except knives, and there must be no more than four of them. The sticker can be removed, but then it will disappear and will no longer appear in your inventory. Everyone can sell and buy stickers as well as sticker capsules on the trading floor.

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