The Zombie Engine

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The Zombie Engine is alive and kicking! Learn how to use Indoors and Characters in the Tutorials section. There will be a steady delivery of new tutorials, so stay tuned (or subscribe) for updates to the site and announcements. Enjoy!

The Zombie Engine launched

We’ve just publicly announced the official release of The Zombie Engine as Open Source. And this is just the beginning.

The announcement:

“The Zombie Team is proud to announce the official release of the Zombie Engine under an open license. The Zombie Engine is a complete game framework, editor and toolset for the creation of PC multiplayer action games. It is the result of several years of development effort at spanish developer Tragnarion Studios, and is based in nebula2, the open-source 3D engine from Radon Labs.

The engine is developed in C++, using Lua for game scripting, and it provides a complete toolset with features such as realtime terrain edition, interactive level creation for all game elements, immediate entity inspection and edition, integrated game mode, entity customization through scripting, visual edition of finite state machines, triggers and waypoints, undo/redo capabilities, all sorts of interactive debug visualizations, etc.

The engine provides an exporter plugin for 3DS Max that allows exporting static and animated geometry, collision, occluders and indoor spaces with cell and portal visibility, custom graphic and game materials, etc. Graphics features include efficient large-scale terrain rendering, horizon culling, instancing, batching and impostors, light visibility using dynamic regions, environment-aware material with dynamic shader code composition, etc. The game framework provided includes support for implementing all kinds of networked player behaviors, agent AI, mission modes, physics-based vehicles, weapon and combat systems, etc.